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Female client getting high frequency facial in Los Angeles at Face of Jules

As a top Los Angeles facial spa, Face of Jules performs effective and enriching high frequency facials that provide an array of long-lasting benefits. These particular skincare treatments are popular for improving wrinkles and other unsightly lines, darkened areas and puffiness under the eyes, acne, cellulite and oversized pores among other things. Once you try one of these amazing professional rejuvenating facials, you’ll want to come back for it time and again.

The high frequency devices used for these facials have been tested and refined over time. While some of these machines differ in form, they all work essentially the same way and incorporate a high frequency electrode made specifically of glass. In order to efficiently improve all parts of the face and body, these electrodes are carefully designed in different size and shape configurations.

The facial process itself is fairly simple. As the electrode is pressed against the desired area for treatment, the argon or neon gas contained within is energized by a small electrical current. Both types of gas have been shown to produce excellent results. The gas reacts to the electricity by glowing and buzzing rapidly within the electrode. This process creates enriched oxygen molecules that warm the skin tissue while also having an important anti-bacterial effect.

Blood vessels and small areas of muscle directly underneath contract and repel various stored toxins. At the same time, the skin cells expand in volume and are filled with much needed nutrients. As a result, you’ll see substantial improvements in your skin as it becomes smoother, more vibrant and full of energy that it was lacking before. Your blood will better circulate through your body, and the restored cells will boost the production of highly-beneficial elastin and collagen.

High Frequency Facial Treatments at Face of Jules

High frequency facials are so powerful that many clients see incredible results even after the initial treatment. The improvements to skin health and healing are often rapid, and the harmless, pain-free procedure works wonders on cold sores, acne skin lesions, waxing and even burns on the skin’s surface. Don’t delay in scheduling your professional high frequency facial at Face of Jules. Give us a call at (310) 770-8730, or fill out the contact form on this page.

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