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Face of Jules is a leading provider of lymphatic drainage in Los Angeles. Also known as lymphatic massage or manual lymph drainage (MLD), the primary function of this skin care treatment is to aid the functioning of the lymphatic system by effectively stimulating the flow of lymph throughout your body.

During lymphatic drainage, your esthetician will use a variety of gentle motions along your skin to enhance the movement of lymphatic fluid through your body’s tissues and lymph nodes. This incredibly important fluid consists of white blood cells, proteins, oxygen, nutrients and waste.

The lymph helps deliver these vital components to your tissues and cells, and the lymph nodes remove the waste and toxins that have built up. While lymphatic fluid naturally circulates through your body, the drainage helps greatly expedite that process.

Lymphatic Massage in Los Angeles

There are many benefits to lymphatic drainage. This age-defying treatment helps improve your body’s detoxification process as it speeds up the movement of lymph to the nodes where toxins are eliminated. Lymphatic massage also helps improve your skin’s general appearance as it reduces lymphatic system congestion and blockages that can lead to skin irritation and inflammation.

As a result, you get firmer, glowing skin while reducing the likelihood of acne or cellulite development. Additionally, the drainage gives a nice boost to the immune system and can lead to improved calm and relaxation.

To discover how lymphatic drainage can help revitalize your skin, detoxify your body and improve immune system functioning, contact Face of Jules today.

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