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“Just had my first consultation and facial with Jules!

I’m so incredibly happy I followed my gut and decided to reach out and connect with her. I’ve been following her on social media for quite a while! She’s communicative, knowledgeable, sweet, and beautiful, just an overall lovely person! I’ve been getting facials for over 10 years…been struggling with acne for a long time. This is the first facialist I’ve truly felt connected with and that Im actually going to benefit from going to see.

I learned SO much, in such a short amount of time-she’s a true GURU! Not only is she a skin goddess but also knows so much about holistic medicine and how to be in complete alignment; mind, body, soul and spirit!

P.S. I did the ‘shine bright like a diamond oxygen facial.’

Hope to do micro-needling next!”

– Bridget A. Beverly Hills

“I was looking for a more natural way to go about taking care of my skin so I looked online and found this holistic skin care office. I got a facial treatment with Julia and she not only taught me a great deal of knowledge but I enjoyed every minute of my treatment. I picked up some supplements there as well and I can’t believe how much better my skin looks! I will be back in a month to see you Julia! Thank you, thank you!!! You are wonderful and so talented!”

– Sara S. Los Angeles, CA

“I went here for a facial and Julia was great!! I had been recommend to see her a couple times before I went in. She hooked up my facial and made my skin glow like I’ve never seen before. I will continue seeing her on a regular basis. Anyone wanting their skin fresh and glowing, go see her. She knows best and does everything the most natural and healthy way. Also gives great tips for home and products that are ideal to use. Thank you Julia, I’ll never have to be in search again!”

– Amanda G. Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve been getting waxed for the last decade. Julia really is the best waxer in LA. She was fast and detail oriented, which is just what you want with a brazilian wax. I’ll definitely be coming back to Face of Jules!”

– Sydney T. Los Angeles, CA

“This is the best skin care place I have ever been too! I go to Julia!! she does an amazing job with facial treatment. I also picked up some cool supplements witch have been working wonders on my skin. Thanks Julia”

– Chris B. Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve had my fair share of facials (I’m from West Hollywood for crying out loud) but my time at Face of Jules was truly phenomenal. The moment I walked into the door I received the VIP treatment. My esthetician Julia was super helpful and taught me so much about my skin. Turns out, there’s a lot more going on with skin care than I realized! I had no idea what supplements and a little tweak in my diet could do. But after a month of doing her recommendations I can barely recognize myself. I’ve been getting so many positive comments from people I’ve known and strangers it has even boosted my self confidence. I got a new spring in my step and feel like I’m glowing every time I step out the front door. Also, I feel healthier not putting toxic chemicals on my skin and have more energy from the organic supplements she recommended. I will definitely be going back for the classic facial with OXY light. Julie’s delicate soft touch is nothing short of angelic and she wasn’t bad on the eyes either! All in all, great experience and I would give my highest recommendation!”

– Jesse L. Los Angeles, CA

“I did an aggressive peel with Julia and my skin has honestly never looked better! She told me what to expect and explained the peeling process so there were no surprises. Im so happy I trusted Julia and did the peel. I have a new face and Im using all of her recommendations to keep this one nice.”

– Kevin B. Los Angeles, CA

“I saw Julia for brow waxing ! She blew my mind. I’ve been to the some of LAs top spas and my experience with her was on a whole other level! Thanks for my amazing brows Julia! I will be sure to return!”

– Mary F. Los Angeles, CA

“I’m a facial junkie and have been to many of LAs best skin care spas… And always left feeling like my skin didn’t look any different until I saw Julia. She taught me so much about my skin care routine and what to be putting in my body… I did the oxy light along with a lactic peel and I’m so pleased with my results and am now being asked what I’m doing differently. I owe it all to Julia, she has changed my skin and I feel healthier and happier over all.”

– Emily S. Los Angeles, CA

“Let me start by saying I absolutely love Julia! She is so personable and made me feel so at ease with my issues , especially because I am so self conscious about them. Face of Jules is the only place I trust for my facials and skin care needs! She knows so much about diet and nutrition in relation to the skin! Since I’ve been on a consistent routine of hers I’ve received so many complements on my skin! I love the oxygen LED facial because my skin glows for many weeks after!”

– Shonali S. LA

“If you’re looking for a talented esthetician look no further, Julia is your girl.

I went with the “Shine Bright Like a Diamond” treatment, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. I am a regular when it comes to getting facials, but I have never had an experience quite like the one I received from Julia. Instead of using those big, clunky hydro facial machines you regularly see at spas, Julia uses a special LED OxyLight device to promote the growth of collagen, while also reducing the post facial downtime. I will have to say, the brightness from the machine was a little annoying at first, but after a few minutes my eyes slowly adjusted to the bright LED lights. I didn’t get the instant post facial glow from the treatment, but Julia did warn me it would take 3 days to see significant changes. I was hesitant, but I had faith in her. When I woke up the next morning, my skin was flawless and by the second morning I felt confident enough to toss my makeup. When I went to work I was getting compliments from left to right–I had never received so many compliments in my life. I’m telling you, if you want flawless and beautiful skin do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Julia. I promise you won’t regret it.”

– Helen N. Huntington Beach

“Julia is amazing! I had a facial with her, and not only does my skin look fabulous, but she had wonderful recommendations about products and nutrition to keep it looking that way! She talked me through my specific skin concerns and was incredibly helpful. In addition, I had the LED light therapy (which was fantastic) and when Julia noticed I had a burn on my arm, she used the light meant for healing on it to help the recovery process. It was just a very thoughtful gesture that was very much appreciated. It is very clear Julia cares very much about her clients and making sure they have happy, healthy skin! Thanks to Julia at Face of jules for being so talented and heart warming!”

– Erika W. Los Angeles, CA

“Julia is the best skin care specialist and I’ve seen many. See her if you want beautiful skin. Enough said.”

– Monica M. Beverly Hills, CA

“This place is amazing! I feel like I want to live there. I originally came in from driving by and booked a facial and wax. From the moment I walked in I felt completely in another dimension. Its serene and peaceful. I knew right away that I was in good hands and I felt safe and confident with her,( not to mention she has flawless skin herself) She took me in a room that was so beautiful and fresh to get my treatments. I had a full Brazilian and I can honestly say that I have never had a better experience getting a wax. She was fast, clean and it was almost painless. I give it a 10! Then she set up for a facial. I got the basic facial. It was relaxing and her hands were strong and confident. The real truth was a couple days later and why I am writing this is I cannot believe how good my skin looks! I am so grateful to this place and Julia! She also gave me some nutrition advice to help me clear up my skin. I have found my new place in L.A. to go for all my treatments. Face of Jules is a one stop shop!”

– Megan W. Los Angeles, CA

“I thought facials were all talk until my friend who had really bad acne out of nowhere started having crystal clear skin! I needed to know what her trick was and all she said was” Julia” So I made an apt. at Face of Jules and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. She knows what shes talking about and I trusted Julia right away seeing as she has the most FLAWLESS skin I’ve ever seen… I see her every 2 weeks now for an oxygen facial and my skin gets so many complements. Thank you Julia for being a true skin angel.”

– Sammy K. Beverly Hills, CA

“I’ve been seeing Julia for years now and I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for her and her amazing organic skin care treatments. She is so informative and I have learned so much about my health and skin. ( turns out they are tied together ) She has changed my diet and got me on a healthy supplement routine and ta da my skin is perfect. Thanks so much Julia you’re a skin savor!”

– Karen N. Los Angeles, CA

“I see Julia every 3 weeks for brow tint and wax, she is the only person I trust! She takes her time and makes sure I’m 100% happy before I even get off her table! I get so many complements on my brows that’s why I go so often. I’m addicted.”

– Bree H. Malibu CA”