Our Approach

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, our facial spa offers the latest and most effective state of the art treatments to achieve beautiful skin.

We offer natural skin care products, advanced facial treatments and business practices based on a “holistic” philosophy. Our 100% natural skin care products and non-invasive treatments are based on an understanding of the way skin works and its relationship with overall health, the goal being skin that is balanced and beautiful from the inside out.

Face of Jules believes in both the ART and SCIENCE of treating your SKIN.

Facial Packages

Purchase any 3 Treatments – Receive 10% off

Purchase any 6 Treatments – Receive 15% off

Purchase any 12 Treatments – Receive 20% off

All packages require prepayment. Thank you.

Gents Glow and Go Facial
(45min) – $95

This facial is short, sweet, and to the point.  Starting with a deep pore cleanse under steam to renew your skin, followed with the application of a signature live enzyme treatment, professional exfoliation, and extractions. Then corrective serum and custom finishing product is applied to feed your skin powerful micronutrients.

Glow and Go Facial
(45min) – $100

This facial is short, sweet, and to the point.  Starting with a deep pore cleanse under steam to renew your skin, followed with the application of a signature live enzyme treatment, professional exfoliation, and extractions. Then corrective serum and custom finishing product is applied to feed your skin powerful micronutrients.

Back Treatment
(50min) – $120

Heal and revitalize the skin on your back with our relaxing, effective back treatment. Our back facial includes a steam-based deep pore cleansing along with thorough exfoliation, careful extractions and a fantastic micronutrient-rich serum treatment. If you’ve got rashes, irritation or acne breakouts on your back, this treatment will work wonders for you.

Great add-ons for our back treatment include: skin peel ($75-$250) and microdermabrasion ($75).

These add-ons are excellent for addressing scars, discoloration, active acne, sunspots and other skin conditions.

Custom Superfood Facial
(60min) – $150

We start with a deep pore cleanse under steam that will renew your skin. Then, a signature live enzyme treatment is applied, followed with professional exfoliation. Next, precise extractions are utilized to remove any congestion from the pores.

We complete this facial with oxygen serum spray, an atomized serum containing active ingredients that include nutrients and vitamins, delivered as a soothing mist which is infused into your skin. The oxygen acts as a catalyst that opens up the skin’s pores to allow increased absorption of the active ingredients. What’s the best part? The results are undeniable and immediate!

Power Peel
(45min) – $175

Looking for a fresh start to transform your skin? A multi step process that combines a custom peel catered to your skin type and skin concerns, LED light therapy combined with pure oxygen therapy, and an organic detox mask to eliminate dead skin cells, pull out impurities and supercharge your skins natural healing abilities for a flawless complexion.

We offer several peel treatments. We will find the one that is right for you. Add a peel to your facial – $75 – $250 depending on strength and desired results.

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion – $175
(With an Oxygen Facial and Oxylight – $275)

The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion skin care procedure is designed to improve the appearance of skin with just one or a series of treatments. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, does not cause pain, and does not require any downtime.

Similar to microdermabrasion, the SilkPeel treatment involves the removal of outer layers of skin through exfoliation techniques. However, the SilkPeel® treatment differs from microdermabrasion because it employs use of various treatment serums specially formulated to treat specific skin conditions. SilkPeel® is designed to treat a range of skin conditions.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond Oxygen Facial
(75min) – $250

This facial combines the same benefits of the Face of Jules Classic Facial with a 20 minute add-on of the sought after LED OxyLight treatment. With the OxyLight, multiple wavelengths of light are used to promote collagen production, destroy harmful bacteria, and oxygenate and tighten the skin.

The Oxylight’s unique oxygen system takes ambient air and filters it to 95.5% pure oxygen, providing for a relaxing experience while offering healing results, especially in relation to post surgery and laser procedures, and also acne, and anti-aging treatments. Get ready to glow!

Garden of Youth Signature Facial
(90min) – $350

The signature facial includes all of the wonderful aspects of the Shine Bright Like a Diamond Oxygen Facial in addition to a custom sheet mask that will feed your skin hand selected powerful nutrients that will be pushed into the skin directly using the biosonics ultra sound technology. This facial also includes a eye and lip treatment. Your skin will be hydrated, glowing, and ready to face the world.

Diamond in the Rough Corrective Facial
(90min) – $475

Want instant undeniable results? This facial is results-oriented! This medical grade facial includes all of the hydrating and nourishing properties of the Signature Facial with some corrective work added.  Included is either Diamond tip microdermabrasion or full face micro current, and a custom peel of your choice depending on the goals you have set. We will go over the peel options in the initial consultation.

Teeny Popper Facial
(60min) – $125

Please note: Anyone less than 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian for the appointment.

The Teeny Popper Facial at Face of Jules is a highly-effective, refreshing and educational facial treatment for teenagers. Acne is a fairly common skin problem that can have quite a detrimental impact on your teen’s self-esteem and level of confidence interacting with peers and others.

These skin blemishes, if left untreated, often make teenagers feel increasingly self-conscious and reluctant to be sociable. Our Teeny Popper Facial is specifically designed for teens, and is both corrective and preventative in nature.

During the first part of this skin care treatment, our experienced Corrective Skincare Esthetician will educate your teen about acne, delving into the true facts and dispelling the many myths and false claims that are out there circulating.

Additionally, we will teach your teen the correct ways to safely cleanse the skin and keep it clean, apply skin care products, how to keep the skin healthy through proper diet, and the importance of SPF as it relates to sun damage and skin safety.

The second part of the Teeny Popper Facial is the comprehensive, luxurious facial treatment itself. We provide a thorough facial cleansing, natural exfoliation, gentle extractions, a custom mask application that is applied under LED, and oxygen therapy to provide immediate results.

With our skin care knowledge and experience, Face of Jules is able to offer a variety of realistic options to help teenagers (even those as young as 10 years of age) eliminate breakouts and prevent them from reoccurring.

DMK Enzyme Treatment
(90min) – $350

DMK Enzyme Therapy effectively detoxifies, tightens and reinvigorates your skin. This treatment is able to reach all layers of skin, not just the surface layer. The enzymes tighten your skin as the mask works your facial muscles. Your skin will become smoother and rejuvenated. This enzyme treatment includes a 30-day supply of product for a home care routine.

First time treatment is $350 with the purchase of a kit. Returning treatment is $250.

Great add-on for our DMK Enzyme treatment is the Oxylight LED therapy.

10 minutes for $75 and 20 minutes for $150

(Depending on the length of the Oxylight LED treatment)

Coral Reef Retexturing Peel
(45min) – $325

Our Coral Reef Retexturing Peel is a non-acid, herbal-based treatment that features protective antioxidants and stimulates collagen and elastin production for firm, smooth and healthy skin.

This therapy is very beneficial, as it stimulates cell turnover to prevent breakouts and reduces the appearance of acne scarring, blemishes, environmental damage and sun damage.

This effective therapy is then finished with 20 minutes of LED therapy.

Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3 are able to get this peel day of treatment. Darker Fitzpatrick skin types 4,5,6 will need to purchase a peel prep kit that we sell in store 2 weeks prior to receiving the peel treatment to ensure a successful skin care experience.

Please note that this peel is aggressive, and therefore not recommended for those with sensitive skin.



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