The Best Make Up for your Skincare Needs

I know there are many of us who shy away from wearing make up because of the fear of it breaking us out. To be honest, in many cases this exactly what happens. The make up you use can clogs your pores which leads to break outs & harms the health of you skin. However, we at Face of Jules have the perfect solution for you: Jane Iredale. The founder, Jane Iredale created this line to for those of us who have the health of our skin at the forefront of our minds. To us, clean beauty & healthy skin go hand in hand.

So, what makes Jane Iredale so clean? Jane Iredale delivers make-up that is free of harmful toxins & formulated with nourishing, protective & beneficial ingredients that can actually strengthen your skin. We all know the cycle that we can get caught up in: break out—>put on heavy layer of make-up—>break out more—>put on more make-up, etc etc. When caught in this cycle it makes it extremely difficult for our skin to actually heal & recover. But, good news!We have the solution to breaking this cycle! Jane Iredale products are all free from synthetic preservatives, non-comedogenic, no synthetic fragrances, sensitivity tested & cruelty free. 

I know many people are hesitant to invest in all natural make up because of it not being as pigmented, full-coverage, or long-lasting, but Jane Iredale provides natural ingredients that are  long-lasting while strengthening & nourishing your skin. Basically, Jane Iredale make up allows you to enhance your natural look while providing full-coverage & healing your skin all at once. Yes, please! Let’s not forget that Jane Iredale has partnered with dermatologist, plastic surgeons, estheticians & make-up artist to provide the best skin-healing formulas with a beautiful, flawless finish. You will never have to choose between the health of your skin & the make-up look you want ever again. 

With all that being said, here is a few of our absolute favorite products

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