Vitamins for Skin – Top Beauty Supplements for Glowing Skin


Best Vitamins for Skin

Vitamins for skin: Did you know there are vitamins you can take not only to increase the overall health of your body but your skin, as well? Good, quality products are essential when getting your skin to where you want it to be; however, products can only take you so far. If you wish to that G L O W from within, we would highly recommend a balanced diet & adequate water intake, and proper supplementation.  Supplements & Vitamins for skin are a game-changer to achieving your skin goals. Trust us, we are speaking from experience. So, with all that being said, the following are going to be what we at Face of Jules, not only recommend, but take ourselves!

Vitamin C: By now you’re probably sick of us talking about vitamin C, but sorry not sorry. We are obsessed with anything vitamin C for a good reason! If you’ve read our vitamin C blog then you know vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces free radicals. Basically, vitamin C is essential for the overall health of your body & when your body is in a healthy state, your skin will be. In addition, vitamin C maintains collagen health & formation. Win win-win.

Probiotic: If you have only one takeaway from today, let it be this: Probiotics are a necessity. Taking probiotics daily (on an empty stomach) aids in the overall health of your gut. If you ask me, getting your gut into a healthy state should be a priority in everyone’s life. So, what can an unhealthy gut lead to? Chronic fatigue, insomnia/poor sleep, food intolerances, food cravings (e.g., sugar), weight gain, skin irritations (e.g., acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc), migraines, autoimmune problems, & mental health problems (e.g., anxiety & depression). Yikes. Don’t know where to start to balance your gut? Invest in a good, quality probiotic. Taking probiotics promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut which has been associated with good skin health. Remember, healthy skin starts from within!

Zinc: When thinking of zinc, most of us automatically think of that hard-to-rub-in mineral sunscreen. But did you know taking zinc orally can support your immune function, increase the strength of your hair & yes you guessed it, aid in you achieving glowing skin? So, how does zinc aid in the health of your skin? Zinc helps to stabilize skin cell walls that start to decrease as we age. So, in other words, it helps to maintain our skin barrier’s integrity, a must for glowing skin!

Turmeric: Medically used for thousands of years, turmeric should be a staple in your vitamin cabinet. When it comes to dealing with acne and/or you want that healthy glow, anti-inflammatories are key. With that being said, turmeric is your main squeeze when dealing with any inflammation in the skin.

Remember, a lot of skin concerns are due to inflammation So, taking turmeric can decrease redness & irritation. On top of being anti-inflammatory, turmeric is also an antioxidant that has been known to boost your defenses against any harmful free radicals. Yes, please.

Supplements & Vitamins for Skin

EFA: AKA essential fatty acids. When we talk about EFAs we are specifically talking about DMK’s EFA+. These supplements, approved by the FDA, are a powerhouse group of EFAs 3, 6, 7 & 9 derived from primrose & sea buckthorn oils. EFAs aid in repairing the cell membranes and help rebuild stronger healthier skin. For those of us dealing with acne, inflammation, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, taking EFAs is the way to go to tackle your skin concerns.

It is important to remember you will not see immediate, drastic results. As with everything, it takes time, patience & consistency to get the desired results. This is especially true when it comes to taking supplements. Taking one supplement is not going to drastically change your skin. It is going to be the commitment to your skin that will help you get your desired glow. Research has shown it takes about 60 days for your body to start to acclimate to the supplements you start taking but don’t get discouraged! Patience is everything when it comes to healing your skin. Don’t forget, your face is your future, let it shine!

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