Revealing the Secret to Glowing Skin: The Benefits and Risks of Facial Peels


Peel season has arrived, but what does that mean for you and your skin?!

In this blog post we’d like to spend some time explaining how peels work, the main benefits, and what kind of peel to get depending on what you skin goals are!

Like the changing weather, our skin also goes through different “seasons” and because of that we must periodically adjust the products we use and our skin care treatments to meet our skins changing needs.  Right now we are in the best time of year to do more aggressive treatments to repair damage caused during the summer months. In fall and winter the UVA/UVB rays are weaker and this allows your skin the time it needs to adequately recover after a peel. Doing these treatment in the cooler months also means that there is less chance of inflammation and/or having a poor reaction from the peel treatment. 

One of the most popular options out there known for providing noticeable results is the Chemical Peel.Believe it or not, the known benefits of this type of treatment goes all the way back to the days of Cleopatra!  Since Roman and Egyptian times, women have taken milk bathes because the lactic acid in milk softens the skin and provides mild exfoliation.  We realize that the thought of doing a chemical peel may sound intimidating, but trust us, once you experience the incredible results you’ll become a believer, too!


                                               Obviously Samantha did not go to Face of Jules!

There are different levels when it comes to chemical peels and you should always choose the peel that you are most comfortable with! That said, our team is always here to help consult and guide you. If you are just starting out, you might feel more comfortable with something lighter like a Lactic, Retinol, or Glycolic peel. If you are looking to completely revamp your skin before the new year we can recommend some stronger options for more dramatic results! Below is a breakdown of different peels you might want to consider depending on your skin’s current condition.  Please note that most peels require a certain amount of downtime for the skin to fully recover. We will always provide you with accurate information about pre/and post peel care to ensure that you have a positive experience!

Pigmentation-If you’re dealing with aggressive pigmentation there are a range of different peels that will help lighten up the discoloration and give you a more even texture and tone to your skin. We would recommend doing a Jessner, Retinol, or TCA peel. 

Oily/Acne Prone Skin- This skin condition can be a real burden, however we have seen that a quality peel can make a huge difference! For acne prone skin, a peel will help kill bacteria that causes acne, as well as lowering inflammation and lightning scarring.  To address acne issues we suggest considering a Retinol, Salicylic, Mandelic, or Jessner peel.

Aging– If you are concerned about signs of aging, or are just wanting a fresh start, consider choosing a more aggressive acid peel containing TCA, Retinol or Jessner.  These peels will help trigger collagen production and give you a more taught and smooth complexion. Who doesn’t want that?!

*Darker skin types may do this peel but will need to purchase a prep kit from us at least 2 weeks prior to your peel appointment.

Scarring/ texture issues– To see major results we highly recommend our new Coral Reef Retexturizing Peel. This is a nonacid herbal peel that helps break up pockmarks and smooth texture by providing an overall new complexion.

Darker skin types can do this peel but MUST purchase a prep kit from us prior to scheduling 

Dry skin– Is your skin feeling overly dry and dehydrated?  This is often due to a lack of exfoliation. For dry skin we recommend a lightweight peel such as Lactic, Live Enzyme, or Glycolic that will eat away any dead skin and give you a smooth, renewed look & feel to your skin!

Regardless of your skin type, there is a peel that will work for you and we are more than happy to help guide you in that decision! We look forward to seeing you & helping you achieve the results you’ve been wanting! Why wait?!

Important Details to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Peel

We always recommend avoiding the sun for at least a week after a peel while your skin recovers. After that it is still very important to protect your skin from the sun to retain all of the benefits of the peel. 

Also, for some of our more aggressive peels we do ask that you purchase a pre-peel kit. The kits will prep your skin with important nutrients that will guarantee fantastic results following your treatment.

If you have questions about what peel would be best for you please feel free to set up a consultation or give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you!

 -The Face of Jules team

Photo by Alexksei Simonenko

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