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Facials Hollywood from Face of Jules

Facials provide one of the best luxuries and are in many ways proper skin care necessities. When done well, first-rate facials Hollywood performed by Face of Jules will leave your skin in top condition by clearing clogged pores and soothing your skin to leave it clean and properly hydrated.

A facial is a multi-step cosmetic treatment of the face. It cleanses, nourishes and exfoliates the skin to promote a clear, smooth, well-hydrated complexion, making you look younger. All Hollywood facials should be done by an experienced, skilled and licensed esthetician like Julia at Face of Jules who is a trained professional.

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Professional Spa Facial in Hollywood by Face of Jules

Our Hollywood spa facials begin with an initial consultation and discussion. You may be asked to answer a few questions regarding your skin care routine, skin concerns, water intake, and any supplements, drugs or products you are using at the time. This is because the type of medications you are taking may affect the kind of treatment we provide.

Following the beginning consult, Julia will examine your skin to analyze your particular skin type and make note of any conditions including acne, presence of blackheads, sun damage, dehydration, or age-related matters. This is critical in helping Julia choose the right skincare products and Hollywood facials to treat your skin successfully.

We have a number of top-quality facials in Hollywood for both women and men to enjoy. These signature facials include the Diamond in the Rough Corrective Facial, the Power Peel and the Glow and Go Facial. Toward the beginning of the process, Julia will perform an initial cleansing of your skin, wiping away any surface dirt and oils. Many of our Hollywood spa facials involve the use of steam, which has a softening effect and makes it easier for blackheads and whiteheads to be properly extracted.

A big part of the facials procedure is exfoliation through mechanical and chemical means. In some instances, equipment is gently used to rub away any and all dead skin cells. There are also chemical peels that use enzymes and mild acids to remove toxins and clear up the skin. At Face of Jules, we also have facial masks tailored to your skin type, and can perform a facial massage to help you relax and fuel your skin and face muscles.

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Clients all throughout Los Angeles County come to Face of Jules for our facials in Hollywood because of the incredible results and benefits that our carefully-developed treatments provide. An excellent facial helps slow down the aging process and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. When your face is massaged using an anti-aging ointment, it increases blood circulation, and proper oxygen flow to promote collagen production and enhance your skin’s elasticity.

The exfoliation, extraction, mask application and massage involved during Hollywood facials lead to skin rejuvenation. They improve the appearance of your skin, giving it a healthy, radiant glow and even complexion. Additionally, the massage you get during spa facials helps to relieve stress and balance your mind, allowing you to relax. Getting regular facials at Face of Jules in Hollywood can help address different skin conditions like blackheads, whiteheads, sun damage, acne, and dehydration among others.

In addition to our assortment of signature facials, Face of Jules is also pleased to offer microcurrent facialsdermaplaning facialsmicroneedling treatments and much more. Over the years, our esthetician Julia has been able to assist countless women and men in healing and improving their skin quickly and safely. Don’t delay in getting your skin the therapy it needs. Contact us now.

Hollywood Facials from Face of Jules

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